Practice: Walkouts for a bigger squat!

The walkout is the most underappreciated part of the squat to most lifters it seems.  I encourage you to practice walkouts as if you were in a meet on all of your sets regardless of the weight.  When we do walkouts with 100-130% of our max we will then hold the position in a 10 count and then rack the weight on command like in a meet.  Repetition makes you remember.  Give these a try.

My Throwback Thursday at the USPA Olympia Invitational

 To be invited to a meet like the Olympia was really surreal to me.  I was not only sorta new to competing but I was not lifting with any lifting equipment.  I was given some great stuff to try but I was just so uncomfortable wearing the stuff.

I was struggling through all of my attempts because I wasn’t use to the Texas Squat bar.  It was awkward but I managed.  Also the platform was raised while people were all around us.  Talk about nerve racking.  Luckily starting with the squat made it smooth enough sailing.

My opener I turned some heads as I opened over 700+ without even knee wraps to help me.

I took 755 for a ride.  The head judge seated with his back to the camera yelled, “AND SHAWN IS LIFTING RAW!”  The crowd seemed to get into that and cheer more.  So..big air…set up…squat…drive…rack…3 whites!

That was a good day!