Facing the giants

Early January and maybe your resolutions are already failing.  Monday morning is lurking and the thought of another day at your job is already making you sick literally.  That relationship that has such awkward conflict keeps rearing its head even on social media to the point your heart races when you see a post that he or she has commented to or liked.  All of these issues seem like GIANTS to us at times.  Watch the video link for a moment.

We get in the way of our own happiness, success and productivity so many times because of fear.  Our insecurities and doubts are nothing but fear based.  I think we need to just get out of our own way, close our eyes and do all we can to just move forward even if crawling.

The Death Crawl is a powerful scene where wanting to bargain, stop, give up for many reasons and justify our efforts in quitting all manifest in one 100 yard grind.  Rewatch this clip whenever you need to get your mind right to give life your very best.  #bloodsweatchalk