Getting Crunchier: How to perform standing banded crunches.

1. Find a nice place to safely lean against.  I chose a squat rack…of course.

2. Keep feet out in front enough for balance without slipping.

3. Hold on to the secured band just enough that you cant complete the desired motion.

4. Crunch forward focusing mostly on the shoulders.

5. Move just enough that the lower back stays engaged.

6. Slow and controlled with a nice hold is the way to go for your tempo.

7. Do LOTS of reps until your abs are screaming.

Stronger abs with spread eagle sit ups

IF diet protocol and heavy ab training

I used the bench similar to an old Roman chair for sit ups.  I also have a pvc pip that I loaded with bands and some plates to not only make it hard for my abs but get my upper body involved a bit.

I think this is one of the best abdominal movements a powerlifter or strength athlete can do to strengthen the midsection.