Do You Need Help With Your Warm-Ups

Additional Warm Up Help

  • Foam roll your IT band.
  • Foam roll your adductors.
  • Glute/piriformis myofascial release with a tennis ball.
  • Rollovers into “V” sit
  • Fire hydrant circles
  • Mountain climbers
  • Groiners
  • Static hip flexor stretch

Upper Body Options:

  • Foam Roll with Med Ball on Bench (Pec, Lats, Tris, Front
    Delts) (Roll slowly and breathe deep)
  • Kneeling Thoracic Mobilization with Hands Wide on PVC
    Pipe on Bench, 1-2 minutes (10 Deep Breaths at Bottom
  • Overhead Press with Back Against Cage x 10 reps
  • Standing Pec Stretch with Band, 30 sec each arm
  • Static Lat Stretch on Cage (Single Arm and Double Arm), 30
  • Supine Internal Rotation Stretch with Hands Behind Back
    (with partner pressure on shoulders), 10 deep breaths
  • Kneeling Thoracic Extension and Rotation (Hand Behind
    Head), 10 each side (sit hips back on heels)
  • Kneeling Side-to-Side Pec Stretch, 5 each side
  • “Y”-Handcuffs, 8 reps
  • Drop Catch Rear Delt Flyes (Use 5lb db’s) x 6 reps
    supersetted with Plyo Push-ups x 6 reps

A sample of how I like to warm up with a compound lift like squat, bench or deadlift AFTER ACTIVE WARM-UPS:

empty bar x 20 x 2
? x 10
? x 5
? x 3
? x 1 (optional depending how I feel)

Note as the reps decrease there is an increase in weight BUT DO NOT WEAR YOURSELF OUT. Save it for the work sets

Assistance work that has high reps like 15-20 reps generally needs zero warming up because of the lighter loads.

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