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➡published writer in several top magazines (made of paper)
➡multi-state, national, and world record holder in powerlifting
➡800+ raw squatter at 260 lbs
➡450 raw bench press at 260 lbs
➡755 raw deadlifts at 260 lbs
➡365 seated military press at 260 lbs
➡National qualifier in bodybuilding (a long time ago)
➡Wellness coordinator
➡Public speaker
➡Mental health advocate

I start with getting everyone stronger first as the foundation of our programming while providing personalized training to help YOU achieve YOUR goals. YOU ARE the priority.
Providing a myriad of strategies is what I believe sets apart a veteran personal trainer/coach compared to someone with less experience.

I treat everyone as an athlete of some sort regardless of their background. Strength, flexibility, endurance, and functional ability are all imperative for a healthy human being. For more information on please feel free to contact me with the subject listed.


😁Learn from my successes and setbacks as a lifter of over 30 years

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