Schoolteacher, author, strength coach, wellness coordinator, world-class strength athlete, and mental health advocate. Yep, I have experienced many wonderful opportunities in my life.

I have been a strength coach for about 25 years. I have written for magazines, set records, worked for top supplement companies, and been the “guy” in the industry. These experiences have allowed me to learn and grow while building my training company, Raw Power Training Systems, and now as Coaching by Shawn Bellon. I work with clients in person, online and conducting speaking seminars for athletes and coaches. Additionally, I am speaking and educating on wellness topics: mental health and health & fitness. I love to use weight training as the foundation to help direct a person’s wellness. However, I work to create a plan made for the individual, not some preconceived notion.
My mission: Improving the quality of life for individuals through strength training, corrective exercise, stress management, mobility instruction, and mental health education. I have worked with so many different types of athletes that you can imagine. But my mission is always the same for me. I don’t waiver from wanting to improve the lives of each lifter USING lifting as a vehicle for more.

Many people are aware of my support for mental health reform and education. I believe that wellness for all is possible. I have personally watched lives transform using lifting and other tools to improve the quality of life.

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I saw this post from Dave, and it made me pause to qualify myself. No, I won’t get the 50k+ on Instagram. It doesn’t interest me, nor do I find it healthy mentally for people; however, if you are wondering about me, I adding some information regarding myself to rank me. 🙂 This is more for you, not me.

Questions shared by Dave Tate:
Rank each: 1-5
Q1) What is their formal education?
* The higher the education, the higher the rank.
Bachelors degree in education

Q2) Who have they trained with?
* The better their partners are/were, the higher the rank.
Most of my training I have done alone as a powerlifter. I normally did not have the fortune to train with many other lifters.

Q3) Who coached or mentored them?
* The better the coach(s), the higher the rank.
Ernie Fleischer
Ron Kauffman, Strength Coach
Ed Coan (thanks for dealing with my annoying messages)

Q4) What have they done in the sport?
* The higher the level, the higher the rank
International Elite Raw Powerlifter (at the time considered as PRO status if there ever really was any)
IPL World Record Holder and champion
Multi federation record holder at the world, national, and state level
2nd at Olympia lifting raw against single-ply lifters
Published author and columnist

Q5) Have they made anyone better than them?

* This is always a 1 or 2 if Q4 is under “elite” total. Outliers (all-time WR holders) need to be looked at as to how many have they taken to the top level.

  • Dane Dillon Multiple, Canada’s strongest powerlifter, best lifter and world record holder; 887 deadlift
  • Jacob Benson, Jr Nationals Best Lifter; International Elite
  • Michael Lear, 700+ raw deadlifter and world record holder
  • Lexington Plummer, 800+ raw deadlifter as a junior lifter, scholarship wrestler
  • Kristen Bellon, Best Lifter Fit Con 2016, 200 bench press at 130 lbs, International Elite
  • Katherine Hritsou, 58 years old, 310 squat and 365 deadlift at 165 raw
  • Joey DeGiovine, 600+ raw bencher
  • Emma Hogan, 250+ raw bencher
  • 14 best lifters in meets just in Utah

Q6) How many years competing in the sport.
* Under 5 years is a 1 – Over 15 years a 5
30+ years

Q7) How many years of serious training
* Under 5 years is a 1 – Over 15 years a 5

Q8) How many years coaching or helping lifters?
* Under 5 years is a 1 – Over 15 years a 5

Some other thoughts. If you are a beginner, think of all of these in the context of their experience working with beginners.  The higher rank for each level is in most of these cases. Each level takes years and repetition to achieve. Everyone can learn the basics of any sport in a fairly short period.