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Screenshot_2018-10-27 Fail Again Fail Better - Samuel Beckett quote Poster.pngScreenshot_2018-10-27 Fail Again Fail Better - Samuel Beckett quote Poster
No protein powder needed protein shakes!
Nut Protein Shake
    1 cup soymilk
    2 tablespoons almond or peanut butter
    1 tablespoon chia seeds
Green Protein Shake
    1/2 cup red grapefruit juice
    1 cup kale
    1 large apple
    1 cup chopped cucumber
    1/2 cup chopped celery (1 medium stalk)
    4 tablespoons hemp hearts
    1/4 cup frozen mango
    1/8 cup fresh mint leaves
    1/2 tablespoon coconut oil
    3-4 ice cubes
Bean Protein Shake
    1 cup almond milk
    1/2 cup black beans
    2 tablespoons hemp seeds
    1 banana
    1 tablespoon cocoa powder
Tofu Protein Shake
    1/2 cup silken tofu
    1 cup vanilla soy milk
    1 frozen banana
    1/2 tablespoon peanut butter
Video Tutorial:
Good News:
STOCKS!  I now have shares with eBay as an employee.  Very cool personally!  Also I have gotten put on a day shift which shows what a blessing in disguise all of this has been.  Not only did we get disability while I was out of work but I am in retraining for my position AND met another employee that wanted the shift I was assigned to.  They approved a complete switch!!!  How cool is that?  I had alot of anxiety not being home.  Some surrounding my own issues with my mental health and having borderline for sure.  This has been such a weight lifted off of my shoulders.  Sometimes life seem to be pitted against us especially in my mind.  And then it works out and you feel a little silly that you floundered opportunities to enjoy moments because you were in self inflected distress.  We can all learn from these moments.  “This is the mark of perfection of character — to spend each day as if it were your last, without frenzy, laziness, or any pretending.” — Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 7.69
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Learning Opportunities:
Have you ever been so afraid of failing that you decided not to try at all? Has Fear of Failure subconsciously undermined your efforts?

Many of us, including yours truly, have experienced this at one time or another. The fear of failing can be immobilizing – it can cause us to do nothing, and therefore prevent us from moving forward. When we allow fear to stop our forward progress in life, we’re likely to miss some great opportunities along the way.

Below are three methods/philosophies that I commonly implement to manage the fear of failure:

  1. Stoicism

Stoicism is a school of Hellenistic Philosophy founded in Athens. It concerns the relationship between fate and freedom. Stoics believe that remaining calm during suffering can help overcome destructive emotions and build self-control though reason and truth. The following are the ideals of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, one of the most famous stoics:

  1. Immediately recognize what is out of your control.
  2. Fear, anger, and all other emotions are personal choices, regardless of outer circumstances.
  3. Live a life centered on principles, not wealth, awards, or power.
  4. People who misbehave do not deserve an emotional reaction from you.
  5. Meditate daily to revive your commitment to a principle-centered life.
Marcus Aurelius
  1. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. Here are the four components of EI as it applies to overcoming the Fear of Failure:

  1. Self-awareness – Realize when you are emotionally stressed.
  2. Self-management – Recognize when to take a step back, control your emotions, and adapt to different circumstances.
  3. Social Awareness – Understand and respond empathetically to the emotions of others. Despite what you may be feeling, each individual is also dealing with emotional stress.
  4. Relationship Management – Most times, people can walk though a room without anyone noticing anxiety issues. But it is important to connect with people you trust and discuss conflicts and stresses. Close relationships are vital to success.
  1. Humor

By far, the most potent weapon on this list is humor. Humor works for me in two ways:

  1. Laughing is one the best stress-relievers around. When you make others laugh, it can change the whole dynamic of the room. I find that when the group is laughing, even during an important or stressful meeting, the entire mood becomes more positive.
  2. Wit and sarcasm often helps me put my anxiety inside. This method works wonders in preventing me from retreating inward. Humor can keep everyone, including me, engaged in the conversation.

*One Last Note*

While the above methods have worked for me, they may not work for you. Everyone is different and deals with stress and anxiety in different ways. If you are having trouble with work or personal issues, I strongly advise you to see a professional. Many companies have Employee Assistance Programs that provide free help.

Moving Forward:
Chris has a meet coming up in a couple of weeks.  This firefighter will be smoking a 425+ raw bench!!!  His training has been great!
Keep sending me your videos.  iMessage people can send that route otherwise use Signal please.  I will likely share on my Facebook business page as well.  The page is listed as closed and while I am not taking on new clients and thinning things down, I do love the Iron and will keep evolving and growing as a 45+ year old looking to be the strongest with 20 inch arms and cool abs/calves.  🙂  I have personally found alot of enjoyment just in nature.  A walk outside with some sunshine is pure medicine.  I turn on my music and just appreciate the privilege of walking.
I also have a cpap machine and will start using that.  I will report my own findings.  I can’t wait to see how this helps my hormones and overall wellness.

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”   Marcus Aurelius

Champion’s Chili


A LG.onion,
2 lg. Cans tomatoes,
1lb. burger, fried,
2 cans chili beans,
2 cans kidney beans,
1 can garbanzo beans.
2 cups tomatoes juice,
1 cup water, 1/4 c. brown sugar . Cook until bubbly. Lower heat, cover and simmer. Stir and don’t scorch the bottom…. Yuk!

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Earthquake Pushups

Good News:

Bethany took best lifter in her competition yesterday.  She pulled 286 weighing 117!

Steve didn’t have the day he hoped for.  He still lifted really well but no personal bests.  He discovered some issues like using a power bar to deadlift in warm ups while pulling with a deadlift bar on the platform.  I can’t stress enough how ignorant that is to do to a lifter if only from a safety perspective.  However, he made the best of it and still pulled 560 with ease.

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Learning Opportunities:


Fasting Tips

The Presence Process
A Journey into Present Moment Awareness

You can dissect and analyze your issues for decades, but nothing will actually resolve them and change your life like The Presence Process.

Author Michael Brown shows us how it’s possible to experience awareness of the present moment without having to take the long, challenging path most of us usually take as we attempt to live in the “now”.

We all long to be free of our discomfort and experience inner peace. However, the attempt to get rid of our discomfort is misguided. We’re not broken and don’t need to be “healed”. Our difficulty is that our deeply suppressed emotional imprints from childhood distract us from an awareness of the present moment. Until this emotional charge from our past is integrated, our attempts to quiet our thoughts and access the peace, joy, and love that are bedrock to our being are of only limited success. Since presence is universal, it has the ability to manifest in our daily experience the very circumstances required for us to integrate the dysfunction that keeps us from experiencing the radiance of present moment awareness. We are each responsible for determining the quality of our personal experience, and The Presence Process guides us in taking responsibility for our emotional integration. It’s a way to consciously “grow up”.

5 Things Every Person with a Mental Illness Needs to Hear


If you are open about your diagnosis of mental illness, most likely you are faced with more negative feedback than positive. We are labeled as damaged goods. When I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder, there were no words of encouragement or pamphlet that taught me how to handle stigma or love myself. I was set up for failure, and I know many of you feel the same way. The following blog post is what every person with a mental illness needs to hear. It’s the truth that we are kept from acknowledging.

You are not stigma.

Self-stigma is when you are aware of the stereotypes that exist and apply it to one’s self. The negative misconceptions about people with mental illness are so heavily present in our society that it can influence our self-perception. We cannot control how the public views those of us living with a mental illness…

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Binaural Beats For Improving Physical & Mental Health

With several human studies to back up the health claims, binaural beats appear to be a promising tool in the fight against anxiety, stress, and negative mental states. Research has found that listening daily to CDs or audio files with binaural beats has positive effects on:

  • anxiety
  • memory
  • mood
  • creativity
  • attention

Becoming a master at meditation isn’t easy. Binaural beats won’t work for everyone, and they aren’t considered a cure for any particular condition. However, they might offer a perfect escape for those interested in relaxing, sleeping more peacefully, or entering a meditative state.

Binaural Harmonic *Headphones* from Brittany_Kurtinecz on Vimeo.


Additional information: https://www.healthline.com/health/binaural-beats#bottom-line